Underpinning any retail media solution is the underlying design and creative architecture that not only differentiates the visual approach from the competition, it also works by having consistency through a large number of spreads. These spreads need differing solutions to utimately sell the merchandise. Creative interpretation in design and photographic image is important in maximising the selling space and utilising the best selling opportunities which then transform into higher sales values. A mix of high quality creativity and marketing skills whilst buying the best resources to accomplish these tasks within tight budgetary restrictions is the key to a successful media product.

asda spreads

Segmentation of the retail offer often means designs have to work through a series of publications. Understanding the different selling platforms for each merchandise areas is essential to keep fresh looking publications.

The brand image reflected from the cover designs also need to be flexible in visual content to hold the style from season to season without looking too alike to confuse the customer. In producing consistent design solutions it is necessary to have a proper design guide published to help all users keep this brand consistency.


Sometimes the client requires quick design solutions on a similar offer. Shown below is a series of discount leaflets that have the same offer presented to the customer in different visual ways to keep a fresh approach. These designs were produced each month, over the period of a year 12 designs that were produced all showed differing visual approaches.

Whether it's a small printer leaflet or displays for exhibition the image and visual solutions are all created on a firm foundation of marketing information to help produce designs that work in producing the right sales or informational impact the client expected.