Multi Channel Retail solutions require a structured approach based on a solid creative and designed response. Companies that are succeeding in bringing more customers through to a sale are the ones who are dominating every oportunity to sell in a coordinated way through all available media channels.

Sales are more evident where customers can browes an appropriate channel and buy in another. The complexities of using all media opportunities correctly are vast as it requires not only strong marketing skills but an inbuilt belief in the internally embedded design management within the organisation. Putting all media origination out to external companies is an expensive mistake that only the largest marketing budget can absorb.

The cost factors associated with a printed catalogue are high,traction for creating sales can also be exploited by digital catalogues either based in the store environment or as digital browsable catalogues laid out as customers expect in page spread order. Other opportunities can be effective such as linked pages of a pdf based catalogue together with hyperlinks to individual product pages which complete the buying circle. Shown below is an idea that works with a marketing opportunity of healthy eating. The selling content is supported by informational content to help the customer in their buying decision, also it can help point them towards other product choices they would normally not have found.

Web pages for expanding into health markets

The diagram shown below illustrates the trading links to make this synergy to create the uplift in sales. This is the key to giving the customer the most opportunities for helping with the buying decision and later supporting the aftersales process.

Design not only plays an important part of the success of the muti channel media mix but more importantly the controls of creativity, budgets and production proccess are definitely the ingredients that play the greatest parts in delivering an ongoing multi channel solution that will underpin sales growth..