Welcome to my site where the artwork I have produced over the years is now accessible to see. I am also using this space to debate the use of digital art and its place alongside traditional methods either as a source of study to produce pieces by traditional methods or a new way to influence the style of producing new visual approaches by integrating old and new..

Mike Beecham


Art by Mike Beecham. Traditional and digital artwork with a small area on the site showing my commercial work.


Just completed the Tower 16 in oils. Not sure if I will continue working on it yet as I keep coming back to it and thinking I could improve it!


Here is a view of my latest piece produced in Corel Painter from scratch using a couple of reference images then piecing them together to make a believable scene. Hope you will agree that it works well as it is one of my most detailed pieces to date and thought it worth entering into the…


Blackpool played a big part in my earlier work as the colours, atmosphere and a place that seemed stuck in time called out to be painted. Also siding towards symbolism it had links to personal experiencesmy younger life these that acted as a route to developing ideas around the many different visual aspects of this…


How does digital art take its place with integrity alongside traditional methods? I have produced works using a Wacom Cintiqu and now use a Huion Canvas 22, both allow working straight to screen rather than a tablet that operates separately. It is easy to use an image as a base for an artwork although tracing…

Digital & Traditional Art, displayed on my redesigned website

At last I have managed to change my website around to feature my traditional and digital media that I have been producing over a long period of time. Now I have retired my commercial work is taking second place to my drive to produce more paintings. This work has a focus to develop an individual…